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How important is your personal statement in the match?

Many underestimate the importance of the personal statement in choosing candidates for interviews. Some people have spread the rumor that no one reads them. This is FALSE! Personal statements are read by program directors and associates in majority of programs. At least, for the first and last paragraph. You don't want to miss the chance to get an interview due to a poorly written personal statement.

Writing a personal statement is just like art. You might not be the right one to draw that personal statement. Too much art (out of the ordinary, very cuteeee) in a personal statement is also recognized as a red flag. Moderation is the best. If you feel that you are not the moderate artist to write your personal statement, do not waste your chance in matching this year, contact us to get help in reviewing your personal statement on this link

Our services are quick and you can get your personal statement within hours. Also, they are affordable to everyone

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