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"It's not about what you study, it's about how you study"

The long path of getting a residency position in the USA needs good preparation. Since many of us spend lots of time studying for the exams and reading instructions, our page makes it easier for you to go through this process where you can find all the information you need in one place.

Our Author, Dr. Jamal, has been preparing notes and guides since 2015. He got 250-260 scores in both step 1 and step 2 ck and did both of the exams within 10 months while working as a doctor. He believes that it is not about how much you read, it is about how you study! He only spent 4 hours a day preparing for USMLE exams. 


We provide Step 1 and 2ck Notes written and assembled by Dr. Jamal, which are written based on concepts presented in multiple USMLE question banks and their associated answer options. Save time studying for USMLEs and make it to the match in less than a year. Use these notes with the help of First Aid book and solving Question banks for the best result. These notes are best used before you start practicing with question banks and will enable you to go through the questions fast and have more time to review more material. If you are in a rush and your exam is soon, these notes will be great for last minute review. These notes are complementary to the First Aid book and should not be used on their own.

Dr Jamal also prepared the Ultimate Match Guide which harbors A to Z guide for your journey in the match process. It contains all the questions you have in mind from interviews, online application, CV preparation and personal statement.


Dr Jamal is eager to help doctors and medical students from around the world to get the residency training they have been dreaming of. 


Dr Fuad "Jamal" Habash is currently serving as Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Southwest Desert Cardiology in Phoenix, Arizona



Our Team

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John Martindale

John Martindale is an American medical student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. John began contributing to Dr. Jamal’s website, blog, notes and YouTube video series. John has a passion for academics and national organizations. While at UAMS, he has participated in several outreach programs, social media education, and podcasts for both international and American college/medical students. John is pursuing emergency medicine training and given his interest in education; he is passionate about academics. Outside of medicine he enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, kayaking, live music, and cooking. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at

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