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Fighting your Inner Doubt - Impostor Syndrome

This is a syndrome you’ve very likely encountered during your studies, but not in the way you may think. If you are fighting the urge to dig back through your psychology notes – stop! Take a deep breath. Impostor syndrome is not likely to show up on your board exams; however, you will know it well by you test day.

Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern of doubt or feelings of inadequacy. Its an internal fear of being exposed as a fraud, a fake, or an impostor. This syndrome is extremely common in the academic world affecting students and faculty alike.

The years between undergraduate education and obtaining your medical doctorate are grueling. You are now surrounded by your peers. No longer are your test scores 30 points above the person next to you. No longer are you able to cram a weeks’ worth of information in your head via a caffeine fueled craze of mnemonics and flash cards. No longer are you setting the curve on every exam. This is professional academics; you are in the big leagues now kid.

That step up in the ranks is not without its perils. It is common to feel inferior to your peers. Its not out of the ordinary to wonder if this may be the test your luck finally runs out.

Dedicated study prep and the ridiculously long period of time between you hitting that submit button and getting you score back may cause a peak of Impostor syndrome. Push those thoughts out of your head. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your head on straight during dedicated study.

You worked hard to get here, and you deserve to be here. Let the stress drive you, not impair you. Own it. Focus on yourself. Buckle down. Study like a pro. You will succeed.

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