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Mistakes that medical students should stop doing! 5 Things!

Every and each one of us think they are doing the best, study with the best methods and reading the best textbooks. Nevertheless, this is not what reality is. You can find two students who have studied the same material but ended up with different test scores. Yes; people are different but still. It is noticeable that medical students have a busy schedule but still waste a lot of time. Here is what medical students should stop doing:

1) It is nice to share ideas and thoughts but seems that some medical students waste a lot of time on forums and Facebook asking about how every single medical graduate has done and about scores. They go into deep details of asking "how many questions are on neuroanatomy?", "which nbme is recommended" and they keep on waiting on various answers from various people.

2) Giving more importance to text books than question banks. Textbooks are great but when it comes to getting high scores, Qbanks will be the answer. You will recall more and you will be likely to answer more questions on the exam if you have been exposed to new question ideas.

3) Delay, delay and delay till its too late. There is nothing worse than the fear of an approaching exam. Make sure that you make a schedule and follow it. You don't want to be late as your mind will keep on punishing you every single day and that will interfere with your concentration.

4) Getting free or old material on the web. There is a reason why they are free! companies that work in the education field spend a lot of time and effort in building study materials together. Every year, you get more question ideas and things that get included. You better not be getting pirated qbanks or textbooks.

5) Keep on reviewing the same material 50 times before your exam. Practice makes perfect, we agree; but why not give it a shot and try another material from another source. I bet they are different and their methods will be different. Don't waste your time reading through the same book till you are bored. This is not the right way to study.

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