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Things that should never show up on your CV!

Major part of getting a residency position involves a good CV. The match process has a well set and standardized CV form which makes variation between applicants as least as possible. Yet, some people might add some things on their CV which would harm instead of benefit. Check out those tips of things that should never show up on your CV:

1) Typos and grammatical errors: du i kneed to xplain tht?

2) Lacks of specifics

for example: "worked at a research lab". You have to specify which lab, your title, what did you do, your experience.

3) Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments

4) Ridiculous email address

you remember that email that you created when you were 12 years of age, you got the rest

5) Excessive word competition: repeating a word several times in one sentence shows poor writing skills

6) Unexplained Gaps in your CV

7) Strange or controversial interests: If you have any hobbies or crazy interests that may offend certain groups or give a slightly odd first impression of you just don't include them! Share it with your friends but not on your CV!

8) Lies: Diligent program directors will look into facts that don't add up and you might get caught and lose your credibility.

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