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Strongest Words to be Used in Letters of Recommendation

You definitely do not want to have a letter of recommendation that was copy-pasted for 100 other students. Some program directors don't even have the time to read the whole letter. That's why the last paragraph "El Finale", is the most important paragraph in a letter of recommendation.

Strong phrases will leave a great impression such as:

· I strongly recommend Dr …

· I highly recommend Dr …

· I give Dr ….. my highest recommendation

· Dr…… has been the best student I have ever worked with

While other sentences are weaker, like:

· I recommend Dr…

· I have no doubts that Dr… will be a great doctor.

· I hold no reservations against Dr …

· I am sure Dr … will be a great resident

Remember that all of us (as applicants) will get a residency spot somewhere, yet programs are looking for a special person to join them and become a great physician.

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