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6 Things that you Should NOT do before the Exam Day

Going for an exam is quite hectic and stressful. As medical professionals we should get used to this by time but still we have to practice controlling ourselves in order to achieve the highest.

Many of us do alot of mistakes before sitting for USMLE exams and thus I thought of sharing my experience.

Things that you Should NOT do the day before the exam:

  • Eat any fried food especially at night

  • Sleep late

  • Talking to your peers about the exams and how you have studied for it

  • thinking about previous failures

  • Reading any of the exam materials

  • Drinking Alcohol or taking any sleep medications

Instead, it would be really helpful to do the following:

  • Start your day as you normally do, do not wake up late or earlier than usual

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water and use green tea if you want to drink something hot

  • Eat healthy food with fruits and vegetables

  • Go out with your friends, enjoy the day with stuff that you like doing

  • Do not tire yourself with energy consuming activities, chill and relax

  • Go to sleep early

and most important point of all, is not to read anything that is related to the exam material. Just make sure of your papers, your passport, the address of the examination center and time. Let your brain relax a bit before the battle. Good Luck

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