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Top USMLE step 2CK resources

Tips for Step 2Ck:

  • I did have a fast read for a book called “master the boards”. It doesn’t give much info but it contains some questions within that teach you the concept of “most appropriate next step”. Look for boxes on the side, it might be helpful to read. They have straight forward and valuable information.

  • Since I was a fresh graduate and I have read Kaplan books during medical school, I didn’t need to read any text books again. I know for sure that Step 2CK first aid is good for those who need a kick start.

  • Concentrate mainly on solving Questions, you will be surprised how diverse the exam would be.

  • I did Kaplan Qbank first for 4 weeks. I finished 70% of it and I think it needs a bit much more than that. I was also slow as the type of questions is a bit harder and longer in stem.

  • After Kaplan Qbank, I did 2 months of Uworld that was enough time for 2200 question and had the chance to repeat all the marked and wrong questions.

  • All in all I studied for around 4 months for step 2CK. You might have to revise biostatistics again for the exam as these things are forgotten so fast.

  • I recommend that you do uWorld before Kaplan Qbank. It might be a better and easier choice and a less depressing start.

  • While I was preparing for the exam, I have collected high yield information and things that are a bit difficult to remember and shared them on my website

  • If I do Step 2CK again, I would probably do first aid if I wasn’t a recent graduate. If I was a recent graduate I would go straight to uworld, then I would do Kaplan qbank or other qbanks.

To summarize:

My advice is to give yourself good time to prepare using first aid book which is concise. Before starting the Qbank, you can read my notes as they are concise and can help save time going through the question bank. Do USMLE World Qbank at least once, better if twice. Try to do other Qbanks like Kaplan or NBME. Read my notes again on as fast review just before you go to the exam.

Top Resources:

Kaplan Test Bank


Mometrix Flash cards study system

First Aid


NBME self assessment forms

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