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Tips on how to act at your away rotation

When you are in a clerkship, there are certain things that you must not forget to do:

  • Come early and showing the fellow or the senior that you want to work and be responsible. They will definitely love that.

  • Make friends with all the team and inform them that you are applying for residency.

  • Your senior shall know that you are expecting a Letter of Recommendation from the attending and thus will help you get that by talking to the attending, commenting on your actions and behaviors.

  • Ask well-knit questions during the round. Don’t ask questions that you can figure out yourself or by reading a book. When any member of the team answers, make sure you say “Thank you” and keep on nodding your head showing your understanding. Also, don’t be pain in their throats asking very complicated questions that no one knows about.

  • Be gentle and courteous with the patients and medical staff. Seniors often comment on this and will affect your image.

  • Do not degrade or look down on anyone.

  • Make sure you smile and dress professionally, let them remember you. Add some ethical and appropriate sense of humor to the group without hurting anyone.

  • Sometimes getting some food or snacks or cookies might be a good idea!

  • Get the contacts of everyone with you on the team! But the most important one is the attending’s email so that he sends you the Letter of Recommendation.

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