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Properties and font settings of Personal Statements

Before you begin writing, make sure you put in these options in your word document. They are as follows:

  • Font name : courier new and the size of the font is 10

  • Paragraph: Single Space and no line space between different paragraphs (although many applicants would skip a line between each different paragraph).

  • Page Layout: Left and Right Margins should be 0.3 Inches. Top and Bottom Margins should be 0.8 Inches. These options can be changed by clicking on print and then to the margins area and then custom. You will be then able to change the numbers.

Do NOT write more than one page! No one is going to read that extra tiny information that you have insisted on adding, that’s if they read the PS!

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes, will you read that letter? Would you read a two page description about a candidate while you still have 100 PSs to read?

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