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Pathetic, Sick and Terrible FACTs about LoR process

  • No matter how hard you try, there will be lots of stalling, postponing and no replies from authors

  • LoR authors are not the best people to write such things!

  • Your letter might be a copy paste material from other letters

  • Your letter might be written by someone who you haven’t dealt with such as secretary

  • You would experience the worst feeling of tracking, chasing, pursuing and pestering someone for such a small favor.

  • They might reply, ask you to write lots of stuff, tell you to send them the codes to upload the letter and BAM BAM; they won’t upload the letter and never answer you back!

  • Most stressful of all the actions in the match as you have no control over it.

But look at the bright side, there is always a plan B; the emergency plan! All programs request 3-4 letters of recommendation, prepare yourself for 5-6 letters then! If anyone fails you, or the letter they have submitted doesn’t suit your aim; then you would have an extra one to fill the space. But don’t upload less than 3 letters! If you upload 2 letters; that gives an impression that no one wanted to write you a letter.

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