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How to start USMLE application?

To start your application at ERAS, check

This application has a different username than the AAMC ID. But inside your application you bind the ERAS account to your AAMC ID. But before that, you need to get a Token from ECFMG website (through your ECFMG ID) which is just like a ticket to ride a train, but this is a ticket to go through the residency application.

Check your emails regularly as they will send you on how to create AAMC ID. The Website for creation of AAMC is

Make sure you never forget these passwords as you only do this account once! A person is allowed only one AAMC ID during his life.

All these processes don’t take much time, for the token you need a few days. Starting the online application at ERAS takes no time!

After you have started the ERAS with your token and bound the account with your AAMC ID, you are ready to go!

Basic account information include your profile and date of birth and things they would use to confirm your identity with your ECFMG ID.

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